Forex Freedom System 100% Fully Automated EA

Forex Freedom System (FFS) is primarily a signals alert software.  It scans the market and Pops up a trade recommendation where a trade Must MANUALLY confirm a signal to enter a trade.

Many FFS users have requested that we make an automated version that can:

1. Take trades for them when they are asleep or busy with other things and when they resume their work station they can then manage the already opened trades.

2.   Set and Forget. There are traders who don't mind a robot trading for them. They set up the Automated EA on a metatrader loaded on a 24H active Virtual Private Server and the robot takes the trades and manages exit methods automatically

We have been able to achieve this by optimising and automating the  Forex Freedom System Strategy in a fully Automated EA (ROBOT).

If it interests you then get a copy by clicking the download button below.

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60 Days Money Back Guarantee

60 Days Return Policy: We refund when there is a bug that we cannot fix within a reasonable time or when we cannot offer support.

We don’t refund because you lost some two or three trades, on Profit performance you must have at least 30 days statement of trades taken by the FFS Robot on Demo or Real account for consideration.

If you’d rather NOT trade with a Robot then consider the FFS Manual Strategy or the Free FFS 7 days Email Signals Trial